Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Beers of Düsseldorf

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I first became acquainted with Düsseldorf  back in the late 1960s when I was a young American soldier stationed in Germany. One of the attractions of the Rhine area was that it was outside the zones where American soldiers were stationed. Not that I wanted to get away from my fellow soldiers and Americans; it was rather a chance to escape the prejudice that many Germans at the time had against GIs. In Düsseldorf, the city not only had great nightlife (the Altstadt-Old Town), but I was regarded only as a foreigner from the States, nothing more or nothing less.

One of the things I quickly picked up on was the popularity of dark beer (Altbier) in Düsseldorf. It seemed at the time that it was the standard beer. I recall breweries like Diebels (actually brewed in Issum) and Schlösser Alt, and I still have  Diebels and Schlösser glasses in my collection.

It's been 1970 since I have been back to Düsseldorf  , and at my age, the allure of the nightlife has worn off. Indeed, I have been told that the Altstadt has gone pretty much to seed. In addition, I have to rely on other sites to bring us up to date on the beer of Düsseldorf  The European Beer has a page on Düsseldorf .

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Here is an interesting article from The Independent on the city and its beer.

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