Friday, May 19, 2017

Still Stuck in US Trying to Find True German Beer

I haven't been back to Germany since 2013, and it doesn't look good for this year either. That leaves me with a dilemma. The only place I can drink what I consider to be true German beer without all the changes is the Las vegas Hofbrauhaus, which ships the beer in by kegs from Munich. The taste is authentic. Everything else is like drinking micro-brew.

Recently, I have visited the Phoenix Club in Anaheim a couple of times. It is a German social club that puts on a beer fest during the Oktoberfest season. They have a nice little Stube where you can order several German beers on tap. I have been pleasantly surprised the these last couple of times. Here is what they have right now on tap:

Dinkelacker Oktober Fesr
Schwabenbrau Keller Bier (Like Dinkelacker, a Stuttgart brwery.)
Munchner Hofbrau
Kostritzer, an east German dark beer that has caught on in the US for several years.
Bitburger, which they call their "house beer".

I have tried the Dinkelacker and the Munchner Hofbrau, which I like though the latter is nothing like what you get in Munich or Las Vegas. The Schwabenbrau is OK, but not as good (to me) as the former two beers.

Please excuse the lack of diacritical marks on the beers.


  1. Hi Gary:

    Just came across this interesting site, well-done. Was impressed too by your book on Erlangen. I was reading parts online (Google Books) relating to the brewing history there.

    I blog on beer and brewing history, see My current post deals with three German bocks as they were in 1882. There is some brewing technical analysis there, but you may find the post of interest.

    I'm interested in your remarks that you feel no American beer really approaches German beer in palate. With all the craft breweries making every imaginable style, one would think they cover that base by now. Even Trummer seemed somewhat American in taste you said, although you did like it I know.

    Why do you think this is? With the ease of shipping malt, hops, and expertise anywhere now, it should be easy to make real German beer here.

    I like the U.S. brewed Becks a lot, the dark one too.

    Thanks for any comments.


    Gary Gillman, Toronto

  2. Gary

    Thanks for your comment and I apologize I only saw it today. I post very infrequently and I have been thinking about shutting it down.

    Trumer Pils, brewed in Berkeley, is a good American beer. They advertise that they use an Austrian recipe. Why micro-brewers have not come up with a real German tasting brew is a mystery to me. I am no expert but maybe its the diufference in the water. I just don't know,

    However, if you are in Las vegas, the Hofbrauhaus restaurant is a must. The beer is shipped from the HB Haus in Munich in kegs and I guarantee you the taste is the same. The only place in the US I have found that to be the case.

    I don't know but it may be that Canada does not have the import regs that we have. For example, German beer imported into Mexico doesn't have to pasteurize, preservatives and all that.

    I will check this blog more often for comments.