Thursday, May 29, 2014

Der Berg Ruft: Erlangen's Bergkirchweih is Approaching

If you happen to be in Germany in June and are looking for a great beer fest, I heartily recommend Erlangen. The 12-day Bergkirchweih begins June 5. The below news article comes from the Erlangen Nachtrichten (in German).

The event is not nearly as large, crowded, expensive, and wild as Munich's rowdy Oktoberfest. Yet it is the oldest beer fest in Germany and the most popular in Bavaria after Munich's.

The beers featured are Erlangen's Kitzmann, and Steinbach, Nuremberg's Tucher, as well as beers brewed under the old recipes of the now-defunct Henniger Reifbrau and Erichbrau. I recommend the Kitzmann.

The daily affair features a full-roasted ox, other foods typical for a beer fest, music, a ferris wheel and attractions for the kids as well. Once the fest shuts down at  11 pm, the university crowd from Erlangen's Friedrich-Alexander University heads for the local pubs for the traditional "Apres-Berg".

If you are in the region, don't miss this. Erlangen is about 20 km north of Nuremberg, also a worthy attraction.