Saturday, June 24, 2017

Where Is Franconia's Most Beautiful Biergarten?

Hat tip Erlanger Nachrichten/Nord Bayern

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The Franconian region of northern Bavaria is one of Germany's biggest beer-drinking areas. Aside from Nuremberg, the region has countless small towns that hold great beer fests throughout the summer months.

The Erlangen Nachrichten/Nord Bayern (newspaper) is holding a context to identify the region's best biergartens. The ten winners receive a book on the best Franconian beer gardens and beer cellars. The below article is in German.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Erlangen's Beer Fest in Full Swing

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As I write, Erlangen (near Nuremberg) is enjoying its annual Bergkirchweih. It is Germany's oldest beer fest and Bavaria's biggest (after Munich). From the Erlanger Nachrichten, here are some photos.

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The Bergkirchweih runs for 12 days during Whitsuntide. The two local brews, Kitzmann and Steinbach, have their own s sitting areas, as well as Nuremberg's Tucher. I prefer Kitzmann myself. In addition, they also dust off the original recipes for two of the defunct breweries, Erichbrau and Hennigerbrau. Everyday, a complete ox is roasted.

If the wildness, expense, and over-commercialization of the Oktoberfest is not for you, I suggest Erlangen.