Thursday, August 8, 2013

Beer Fest in Passau?

I have an Innstadt beer glass in my collection, but I have never tasted the beer itself.

There is a 50-50 chance I will be spending September in Germany. Where is the issue. For sure there will be about a week in Erlangen, my old army posting and subject of a history I wrote a few years back.

I am considering Passau on the Austrian border since I have never been there. From September 6-15, they will be celebrating their Autumn Dult (as opposed to the larger Mai Dult in May) festival, both of which, of course, feature beer. Don't ask me to translate Dult. It's a Volksfest.

First on my list would be the Karlstetter Beer Tent

If this happens, it will be a flight to Munich, train to Passau, then on to Regensburg, Nuremberg and Erlangen.

Keeping my fingers crossed.