Friday, September 12, 2014

Hofbrauhaus in Chicago

Finding authentic tasting German beer in the US is almost impossible. The glaring exception is Las Vegas' Hofbrauhaus, which ships in their product direct from Munich in kegs. Apparently, there are no taste-destroying requirements, such as pasteurization and other alterations. The result is beer that truly tastes like the beer in Munich's Hofbrauhaus.

Thus, during the past week while I was in Chicago for my army reunion, I put the Chicago Hofbrauhaus on my list of places to visit. (It is actually in Rosemont just outside O'Hare Airport) even knowing before-hand that they brew their beer on premises. Of course, their brewing is under close supervision of the Hofbrauhaus brew masters on site, but I have heard all that before. Remember the Loewenbrau that Miller produced in places like Eden, North Carolina? Pure American beer.

So yesterday, prior to our return flight, we dropped in for lunch. I ordered the regular lager, which was distinct from their lighter version. They also had dunkles and hefeweizen.

At first sip, I thought the similarity was pretty close, but gradually decided that there was something missing from the taste of Munich and Las Vegas. I suppose it is the water. Nevertheless, it was superior to you Bud or Bud light.

It was lunch and there were few customers, but with German music, I suppose it is worth an evening visit as well.  They gave us a survey card at the end, and I suggested they do what Las Vegas does and start importing their beer direct from Munich in kegs.