Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What is Stuttgart's Best Beer?

That's a question I am not well-equipped to answer because I have spent a grand total of one day in Stuttgart and am only familiar with two of their well-known brands, Dinkelacker and Stuttgarter Schwabenbrau.

Somewhere along the line I had a couple of Dinkelackers and thought they were quite good, though my old sgt. from nearby Goeppingen (where I was stationed for a couple of months in 1966) still calls it horse piss.

I do recall having Stuttgarter Schwabenbrau while staying with German friends in the Karlsruhe area back around 1980. I enjoyed that as well.

Last week, I was at the Alpine Village in Torrance, California and picked up a few beers in the German market that looked like they might be decent (normally not the case with imported German beer). The best of the lot was Stuttgarter Schwabenbrau Volksfest with a flip top opener.

Obviously, I need to get back to the Stuttgart area and refresh the taste buds to see how much I really like those brews. All I remember is that when I drank them in Germany, it was a thumbs up. I'll bet you can get just as a  good beer in Stuttgart as you can in Munich.