Friday, August 5, 2016

I'm Getting the German Beer Jones

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That's an old expression about heroin addiction in the inner city. Not having been back to Germany in three years, I need to get back and taste some real beer. The only chance I get here is when I am in Vegas and dining at the Hofbrauhaus. They ship it in in kegs from the Munich facility and the taste is authentic.

We just had a new pub open up near my house and they have Spaten on tap in liter sized glasses. Alas, the taste is not truly authentic although I once dined at their own restaurant in Munich, and didn't consider Spaten to be one of the city's better brews. (Nice glass and logo, however.)

I am presently working on the Feldmarshal (my wife) to consent to a trip to Germany next year for Erlangen's beer fest (Bergkirchweih). It runs June 1-12, 2017. Problem is she thinks Erlangen is too small and boring. To me, it's like a second home since I was stationed there in the Army (1966-68) and wrote a book on its history. (Erlangen-An American's History of a German Town)

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