Wednesday, December 23, 2015

German Beer in Mexico

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I just got back from a week's visit to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. I had mentioned a particular German restaurant previously on this site, the Cafe Frankfurt. What struck me was what I considered the authentic taste of the beer served as opposed to German beer imported to the US (Paulaner).

On this last visit, my wife and I went back to the place now called Hacienda Alemana, which includes a ten-room hotel (quite nice). On this occasion, I had two bottled  Hasen-Bräus (from Augsburg) and one Bitburger in  a can. They were both pretty decent. Of course, I don't know what Hasen tastes like in Augsburg, nor have I had a Bitburger in Bitburg. I would say both (in PV) were superior to the Mexican brews I was drinking (Corona and Negra Modelo). I have never really visited Augsburg other than passing through the train station, so I have no recollection of drinking Hasen.

Here is the web site for Hacienda Alemana. (The owner is from Bonn.) You can link to the restaurant and their menu. I recommend it for the food and the beer.

So if you ever get to Puerto Vallarta, check out the Hacienda Alemana. And if you happen to be in Augsburg, check out the Hasen-Bräu

Oh yeah. If you get to Bitburg, check out the Bitburger, naturally. Just stay away from the cemetery.

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