Thursday, June 12, 2014

Erlangen's Bergkirchweih Has begun

Erlangen's 259th annual beer fest is underway. The new Oberbuergermeister, Florian Janik, has tapped the first keg as shown in the below-linked video. The fun goes on from June 5 to 16. A liter of beer costs 8 Euros.

"We miss you, Fousesquawk."

Wish I was there.


  1. Gary, I was stationed in Erlangen back in '72-'74 and Erlanger Reifbrau was what my buddies and I drank. I klnow from your blog that the Henninger brewery has since closed, but I was curious if you might know how much my 0.5 liter clay mug with the HR logo on it might be worth. I was told when it was given to me by the owner of the gasthaus I frequented that the 0.5 liter size would not be produced after 1974. Any ideas? Thanks!
    Great page btw.

  2. I have no idea, but you check out some of the sites that sell these items. Just google the items and the sites should spring up. There you can see what similar items are going for. Some are cheap and some are outragious.

    As for the .5 liter glass, it had something to do with EU regs. They even regulated the sizes of the beer glasses. My HR glass actually sat on a window sill outside our barracks for at least a year before I decided to add it to my collection when I shiiped out. I still have it.