Monday, September 2, 2013

Heading to Germany

German beer, here I come! I will be flying from California to Munich September 10. Two nights in Munich, specifically in the Pasing area, where I plan to check out the Hirschgarten, the world's largest beer garden, or something like that. They serve Augustiner and a couple of other Bavarian brews. Yes, I will miss the Oktoberfest. I really don't care. Too big. Too rowdy and too commercialized.

On the 13th, I will take the train to Passau on the Austrian border, where the Danube and the Inn rivers meet.. They are holding the Autumn Festival, and that should mean more good beer.

On the 16th, I take the train to Erlangen, where I will stay until the 25th when I return home. I will have lots of friends to meet with, so my schedule will be pretty full.

Kitzmann is the largest brewery in Erlangen. They have a nice stube and garden at their brewery, which I will definitely hit. Another must is the Entlas Keller, located on the beer fest grounds and open during the warm months. You can sit on the benches, drink a liter (or two) and eat roast duck and such.

Entlas Keller

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