Friday, March 1, 2013

New Hofbrauhaus Locations in US

HofbrÀuhaus Pittsburgh
Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh

The other day I was singing the praises of the Las Vegas Hofbrauhaus as the only place you can experience authentic-tasting German beer in the US. I added that there are affiliated locations in Newport, Kentucky and Panama City, Florida. You can add Pittsburgh and Rosemont, Illinois (a Chicago suburb) to that list. Here are the links.


However, a warning: I note on their sites that they brew the beer themselves, unlike Vegas, where the beer is flown in from Munich.

By coincidence, I am tentatively planning tips to both Chicago and Pittsburgh this year to see the Cubs and the Steelers (my favorite teams). Thus, I will be able to visit both sites and find our if the beer is truly authentic. I lived in Pittsburgh from 1987-1990, but there was no such place at that time. This location is on the South Side of Pittsburgh.

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